You Got It For Free Volume 2 - SINGLES

by B Magic



released February 24, 2010



all rights reserved


B Magic Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Weekend Warriors

[Verse 1]

check the profile cus you mothafuckas dont know style
they sleepin on me cus i been here the whole while
i hold mine diggin til i hit a goldmine
spittin lines that are designed for those who know rhymes
leave with ne girl thats willing to blow mine
but the next day i act like i aint got no time
i couldnt go backwards even on rewind
flow so fuckin cold i believe it cud freeze time
too many haters so i always try to be kind
so karma gets me chick wit a thick behind
cus we all about these hunnies like behives
all it takes is a few words for her to be mine
smooth talker when im on jonny walker
so lates nights im stayin up wit ur daugther
u wouldnt wanna know the things that i taught her
she be ridin my stick n i aint harry potter


Put your Hands up like its a fuckin stick up
Tell the Bartender to we need more liqour
Tell your whole staff to start working quicker
And throw gang signs like we takin a picture

we at the parties where these modles come
and i aint leaving this bitch untill the bottles done

[Verse 2]

hey bartender what yo name is?
me im bmagic yeh im gonna be famous
so your gonna wanna know what my name is
when you get money thats when it all changes
you can find me in the back with taquilas
yeah the boy roll with shots like gilbert arenas
thats when all the girls looking amaizing
i love em all black white brown and even asians
360 all day no playstations
gucci! tell the dj to play wasted
straight shots we dont ever need chasers
its miller time like im playing for the pacers
trying to get a buzz without a tazer
me im kevin nash and dvz is razor
ramone so we stumbling home
and your girls reaching too i aint leaving alone

Track Name: Bombs Over Baghdad Ft Noyz

[Verse 1 - Noyz]

We stand at attention, brandishing weapons/
of automatic calibre, having to manage the tension/
radical henchmen, standing with fanatics, the trenches/
being dug, unimaginable casualties mentioned/
no preventing the imminent victory, a mission of misery/
killing civilians and living in iniquity/
given millions, and driven the killing spree/
written in history as the bringers of civil living and liberty/
figured we'd be greeted, but never would I believe it/
that the legions of extremists would team up just to defeat us/
so I keep a clear mind when I'm holding the steel/
hoping to kill any soldier when I focus my skill/
throwing bombs of Baghdad, where the bodybags at?/
toe tagged and dragged the for the flags that are half mast/
blast at the enemy, send them to hell/
Rumsfeld had sent us, so we never would fail/

[Chorus B Magic & Noyz ] X 2

What it is, You know, we know
What it is, They know, Yall know
What it is you dont know, here it is
You Got It for Free

[Verse 2 - B Magic ]

fighting for freedom guerilla warfare when we see em/
they say democracy is peace but we dont believe em/
missile filled skys we live different lives/
different tribes surround by similar tides/
oceans apart they reach for our oil when its dark/
blowin up our economy with just one spark/
so we dont mingle or talk wit these infidels/
they think we all criminal freedom is minimal/
politics full of subliminal who do we believe/
if the us takes over then what do we receive
confuse the nation with misuse of hatred/
in streets we debate it on how we play it/
bombs over baghdad so where the bodybags at/
but what do i want nobody ever asked that/
streest full of ruins family left ruinedat some point they should realize what they doin/


[Verse 3 Noyz & B Magic]

The pain will mitigate, we came liberate/
the change we integrate will save your twisted fates/
We dont Believe and and we dont want to be you
Survived on our own so why would be need you
Lead you to peace through the spread of our democracy/
Obama see's the plot and he's watching over solemnly/
This is my property so start acting properly
I dont bother you so what more do you want from me
Fulfill the prophecy, mission accomplished/
lifted Saddam with leaders of the system's accomplice/
Youve been here for years, and were still left with tears
The only thing acompolished is were still living with fear
Visions appear crystal clear, seeing Old Glory flying/
bombs bursting in air, our power's multiplying/
White flag waving these streets for forsaken
My people been akin, Our freedom was taken
Track Name: Trill Is Gone
theres too many wanna be's, man its comedy
honestly ask yourself if your raps honesty
wheres the honour b man we treat it like a lottery
the fans aint blind its the truth that we wanna see
its like the talent went down with the economy
you says ur mobbs deep but homey you aint prodigy
they trying to steal our culture like its a robbery
while im trying to savior the moment like its photography
so everyday im waiting for my kodak moment
i play hard doesnt matter if i know my opponents
if we fall down we then we bounce back n go harder
id never leave my city like t-mac and vince carter
loyalty runs deep even if these snakes roam
all this beefin ruins the club so i stay home
trying to make some change like the payphone no luck tho
they say they got skills but i say fuck no
sorry momma for cussin but in this discussion
im trying to emberass these kids n send em home blushin
and i aint come from nothing but still struggling
in crunch time my team comes together like we huddling
this game needs a takeover yes a revolution
change is needed so we can discover retribution
if theres a problem then we must find the solution
fuckas poisining the game with their pollution
abusing this fine lady that i used to love
rapping about drugs like they bunch of shooting thugs
man im used to bluffs, so i dont buy it
soon the real hip hop heads are gonna riot
start destroying buildings of labels that supply it
with all this beef man u rappers need a diet
or just stay quiet dont ruin it for the rest of us
cus this is my home and homey you just a guest to us
and i aint hating man just criticizing
you need a bigger range like you calling with verizon
i touch souls with the mic as im reaching out
the road of life through my eyes is what im teaching bout
at the end of the day this is just another track though
i didnt mean to pick a career that attracts hoes
and alot of foes man only god knows
now everyone and their mommas say that they got flows
they milking it while im acting like im lactose
i can feel it in my reach man im that close
you can smell me in the air man im that dope
you couldnt even hang with me if you had rope
i wouldnt have made it this far if i didnt have hope
so i stay fresh like im spitting mad scope
in the end they cant hate you if your doing you
because its easy on the eye just to view to the truth
im trying to change this world for the little youth
funny how these words travel from this little booth
so as i bless this track i hope it blesses back
just because the boy raps they guessing that hes black
music is colour blind ill see you on the otherside
do it till im in thugs mansion above the sky
ashamed of the game and what it has become
because nowadays they all rapping to make alot of funds
man im done, just let it run
dvious just let it run.....